We believe wine has been passed down to us from our ancestors with love, hard work and dedication. We envision Atlas to be passed down to our children and grand children with life long business partners and more importantly life long friendships.

Our goals are not sculpted by trends and demands because we believe wines of high calibre and class stand above fashion and passing marketing.  We stick to our principals and powerful commitment to provide our business partners great wines that tell the story of Australia and our amazing future.

Timeless effort in marketing and sales support will realize the Atlas vision of having wine brands controlling leading market positions globally.

Our vision marries integrity with dynamic business strategies in delivering direct connection with the global wine consumer through inspirational packaging and above all wine that speaks of impeccable quality.

Great people form the foundations of the wine industry and we believe we work with some of the best.


Our home: Adelaide, South Australia where you find the centre of Australian wine industry. A world of wine in every direction with a multitude of terroir, grape varieties and winemaking styles.

With over 20 years combined experience in creating, nurturing and expanding Australian wine exports, we have dedicated a part lifetime to seeing our wines enjoyed across the world and in particular, the Asia continent.

We take a modern styled approach to our business with wine packaging that challenges the traditional consumer, wine styles that ultimately reflect their origin and strong commitment to our business partners in the way we support our wine.

Our heart and soul is invested into bringing some charming wine to the Australian export scene that will be sure to inspire the global wine consumer, rise above the average wine expectations and most importantly make people smile.

Families of Australian Wine, reaching out globally.


Alpha Box & Dice Burch Family Colin Kay
The Lane Family
Alpha Box & Dice
The Burch Famiy
Howard Park & MadFish Wines
Colin Kay from the Kay Family
Kay Brothers Wines
Andrew and Vanessa Murray Paxtons Ocean Eight
Andrew and Vanessa Seppelt
Murray Street Vineyards
David, Michael and Ben Paxton
Paxton Vineyards
Mike Aylward from the Aylward Family
Ocean Eight Wines