BK Summer Series Release

24-Nov-2011 The three BK 2011 Summer Series wines should be seen in the context of a virtual culinary backpacking tour around the Mediterranean. These are food wines writ large that you pour carelessly and excessively while laughing with friends over a noisy summer lunch that has gone on several hours longer than is truly sensible… 

Lunch started calmly enough with the BK 2011 Pinot Grigio and an enormous plate of oysters – some steamed with coriander and ginger, some soaked in vodka and dabbed with chili sauce, but most just raw, cool and sea-salty with a squeeze of lemon. The wine was crystalline in the glass, feminine and ethereal on the nose with light lemon-blossom scents. The palate was icy, crisp and clean, expanding in the shape of a teardrop to a soft, rounded peak with flavours of pear, jasmine and hay.

 By the time the second course emerged – salty, grilled sardines with a sauce of olive oil, tarragon, basil and dill, served with pan-fried potatoes and an asparagus salad – we were chilled and happy and ready to crack open the BK 2011 Rosé (a saignée of pinot noir). Without even a hint of sweet, this wine has little resemblance to virtually any other Australian rosé – it is, stylistically-speaking, a classic, savoury French rosé, but born instead on a cool slope in the Adelaide Hills. The wine smelled spicy and musky – like red rose petals – and tasted of nutmeg and plums. 

We were so loud and unruly by the end of the second course that it was hard to hear the call to arms over at the grill. We finally made our way joyfully to the chef to gather our juicy chorizo and an astounding salad of flame-roasted red peppers, beetroot, rocket and shaved manchego. The wine was the BK 2011 Syrah Nouveau, a bright, rustic, medium-bodied vin de pays-style wine. On the nose the wine was pungent and lively; on the palate it was ripe berries and cinnamon sticks. If we opened one bottle we must have hazily opened six.


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