Berry's to open office in Singapore

Atlas Wine Group - Thursday, June 14, 2012
Berry Bros. & Rudd is to set up an office in Singapore next month to complement its operations in Hong Kong and Japan.

The new office will be managed by Nick Pegna, who previously managed Berry’s Hong Kong business, which is now run by Simon Staples, former sales and marketing director for Berry’s in the UK.

Explaining the decision to open an office in Singapore, Alun Griffiths MW said that southeast Asia was an opportunity for the wine merchant.

“We believe there is a lot of business in Indonesia and Malaysia,” he commented.

He stressed the increasing number of successful businessmen in these countries who “have travelled widely and like to eat and drink well.”

He added that such potential customers were, presently, “not served well in their own country”.

While Pegna will manage southeast Asia from July, he said that Staples would take on the responsibility for the north Asian region for Berry’s, and that he would be taking a six-month secondment to Japan.

“We have already been in Japan for three years and Hong Kong for 13; Singapore is the next step,” he concluded.

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